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Tony Elenburg - A Worship Shepherd



Tony Elenburg is a pastor of worship with 40 years in the Christian Music Industry as a national recording artist.


Worship is the first “touch-point” when the seeker seeks the refuge and clarity of the church. We can ill-afford for our worship to be a powerless, meaningless, inauthentic representation of the Gospel; nor can we abdicate our responsibility to our worship leaders, by leaving them to grasp and grope for their own definition of a meaningful ministry of worship!

Tony Elenburg is a pastor of worship with 40 years in the Christian Music Industry in Nashville as a songwriter and national recording artist. He is passionate about helping musicians fulfill their gift and creating a more powerful and meaningful Gospel-centered worship in the church. Learn more about his new book, A Worship Shepherd, and his worship mentoring below.


A Call to Gospel-Centered Worship

Our American culture is being described today as a post-Christian culture. Yet, there has never been a better opportunity for the church to contrast the relevance and value of the Gospel, than amidst the chaos we see in the world today. In a time when many are looking for someone, something, and somewhere to anchor their sense of reality, we have the ultimate mooring in a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

While many of the current worship-focused offerings seem to be calls to deeper and more meaningful motivations for worship, I believe my offering provides a broad understanding of creatives, and how we can better steward them; in finding a context for their gifts within the church. It is a basic “how to” … but filtered through a Gospel-centered lens.

Music and art are never more powerful than when they are being used for their created purpose. As we cooperate with God’s design for our gifts, we receive all our heart’s desire as creatives: fulfillment, validation, and encouragement—not from the gift, but from God.

A Worship Shepherd is a steady voice for the high-calling of a Gospel-centered perspective on worship, worship ministry, and the superior nature of Gospel-rich worship.

PRAISE FOR A Worship Shepherd

“I first came to know and appreciate Tony as a gifted songwriter, a great communicator, and one of my favorite singers (which of course had nothing to do with the fact that he was one of the first recording artists to record one of my songs!). Then, I got to know him as a dear friend and brother, who, along with his wife Cindy, cared deeply for my young family and me at a time when we desperately needed it. Through the thirty-five-plus years I’ve known Tony, I have seen and heard the heart of a shepherd beat consistently and faithfully in his life. I am thankful, as I know all who read this book will be, that he has shared his wisdom and passion from his shepherd’s heart!”

Steven Curtis Chapman, Hall of Fame, Multi-Grammy and Dove Award-Winning Artist and Songwriter

“I have always loved Tony Elenburg because I’ve always loved his heart. A Worship Shepherd reveals his heart through his experience, wisdom, and faith as a Christian artist, songwriter, pastor, and worship leader. The combination is powerful and insightful for anyone pursuing the true heart of ministry! My heart beats with Tony’s. These words are so much needed in reclaiming Christian music ministry for Christ’s glory!”

Scott Wesley Brown, Worship Leader, Dove Award-Winning Recording Artist and Songwriter

A Worship Shepherd is a must-read informative for every member of any worship team. It’s beautifully written and, more importantly, a Word-centered thesis that deals with every possible aspect of worship. I know Tony Elenburg as an enormously gifted musician and seasoned worship leader. His wise insights come from years of experience mentoring worship teams and caring for the congregations he leads. I highly recommend it.” 

Greg Nelson, Multi-Grammy and Dove Award-Winning Record Producer and Songwriter

“Tony Elenburg has a heart for ministry and those who help create it. He understands creatives and knows how to help them shape their ministry without trying to manipulate it or form it into something that fits a preconceived design. Having played worship services with Tony, and being a longtime friend, I know the heart and care he has for worship and the people who lead it.” 

Phil Naish, Multi-Grammy and Dove Award-Winning Record Producer, Keyboard Player, and Songwriter

“At the center of our relationship with God is the essence of worship—an internal encounter that produces an external response. Tony Elenburg has given his life to understanding that heart of a worshipper. His life is the external response to an internal encounter with Christ. A Worship Shepherd is a life’s work of discovering how to live a life of worship and help others become worshippers. It’s a must-read for every heart that desires to understand what worshipping Christ can really look like.”

David Vestal, Author, Songwriter, and Pastor of Gateway Church Apostolic Network

A Worship Shepherding Relationship with Tony!

A worship shepherd is a luxury to most churches, but more financially realistic when sharing the blessing with other churches.

In our Covid reality, we discovered a few positives. Among these is the convenience and benefit of online meetings and communications. I have led a small group for many years, and 2020 forced us along with countless millions to online meetings. We resisted this forced alternative at first … but it did offer an intriguing opportunity to connect with worship leaders worldwide (one-on-one and in groups), to provide help for those who need a shepherding worship mentor to be able to discuss challenges that are unique to worship ministry. Whereas most churches cannot afford the luxury of a campus worship pastor to oversee worship leaders and ministries, an online worship shepherd (mentor) might be more financially realistic.

It is my intention to engage a limited number of churches to provide encouragement, wisdom, and guidance to worship leadership (the kind represented in my book, A Worship Shepherd).
  • Weekly Online Worship Meetings with Leaders

    Initially one-on-one, with a goal of graduating to a worship leader group meeting (five to ten other worship leaders from other churches).

  • Access to Counsel

    A needs-driven campus visit for meetings with lead pastors, elders, worship teams, etc.

  • Annual Retreats

    Annual retreats for small groups of worship leaders for thinking big picture, long term planning, evaluating our ministries, comparing challenges and solutions, encouragement, etc.

  • Work with Songwriters

    Focus on songwriting and congregational songwriting. Visit the songwriting page on this website to learn more about the process.

  • Worship EP

    Guiding your team through the process of writing, recording, and releasing an EP.

If you or your fellowship would benefit from this arrangement, I would be glad to talk with you about a worship mentor relationship. Please submit the contact form below to get started!