Tony Elenburg


TONY ELENBURG : Recording Artist, PASTOR, Worship & songwriting mentor, Author

It was an old guitar that singer/songwriter Tony Elenburg loved dearly. When he was a teenager, that guitar was Tony’s best friend and constant companion as he began songwriting. Later as an adult, when he arrived on the doorsteps of Nashville, Tennessee, that guitar helped him accumulate ten Top 20 radio hits on national Christian radio as well as numerous other songs recorded by artists such as The Little River Band and Steven Curtis Chapman; who’s “More To This Life” album reached Gold Status with the help of the hit song “Waiting For Lightning” (which Tony co-wrote with Steven).

Tony was the Outstanding Upperclassmen at Belmont University Music Business School in 1980. He grew up in a musical family, studied voice for 5 years, studied Music at the University of Montana for 3 years, and graduated Belmont in 1980. Tony’s work has been published in Country, Christian, and Pop genres.

After 27 years, this Nashville music industry veteran moved to Dallas, TX, where he has spent the last 15 years cultivating and mentoring young musicians; who are looking for context for their musical gifts.

“I would consider my years of experience a waste if today’s young songwriters had to begin where I did,” says Tony. “I would prefer to give them my shoulders on which to stand to begin their journey.” Tony’s approach is to help songwriters focus on the simple joy of creating! “There are many creative people who just don’t know how to channel their creativity”, says Tony.

“I could never promise fame and fortune for learning the Discipline of Songwriting… but, I can promise you will be a better writer for your time and investment”, says Tony, “we will focus on the depth of your craft… and let recognition and accolades come to you.”

So, how does Tony feel about his old guitar these days? He now sees it as an instrument to help the next generation of artists and songwriters find context for their gifts! “The true measure of success is how I spend what was deposited in me… on others.” – Tony Elenburg

Tony Elenburg Singer-Songwriter Instructor