Tony Elenburg

Idea – (Part 1/5: The 5 Elements of a Song)


Through 30+ years of instruction and collaboration, Tony has condensed the art of songwriting into 5 elements that every great song requires: Idea, Melody, Lyrics, Chord Progression, & Continuity. Tony is now teaching aspiring songwriters & musicians how to advance their craft with a lesson plan series dedicated to exploring the individual elements.

In this lesson plan, Tony discusses the Idea. The inspiration for a song; how to recognize THE moment! How to capture and manage the idea!

Topics the Idea Lesson Plan Covers:

  • Inspiration – What is the big idea you want to leave with the listener?
  • Literal or Abstract – Is the idea literal? Is it intentionally abstract?
  • The Hook – Different approaches to writing the idea.
  • Idea People – When ideas are your strength.
  • Genre – Projecting/casting the likely audience.
  • Capture the Idea – The Importance of seizing the moment!
  • Managing Your Ideas – Keeping record of your creativity.

Downloads the Idea Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Idea Lesson One – Video (mp4) AND Audio File (mp3)
  • Idea Lesson Two – Video (mp4) AND Audio File (mp3)

These videos are Part 1 in Tony Elenburg’s The 5 Elements of a Song lesson series.